We put a lot of effort into caring for our families. We strive to provide for our children, love our spouses, and help our parents as they age. One of the most important things we can do to care for our family is to plan for the day when we are no longer with them. When we are younger this may look like arranging to have the house paid off, putting a college fund in place, and providing an income stream for our surviving spouse. As we age, our need for life insurance does not diminish, rather it merely changes function.

With rising housing costs, many of us are still holding a mortgage into our sixties, seventies, and even later. Rising costs also affect funeral arrangements, putting the cost of an average funeral near $8,000 – plus the plot and marker. Additionally, even as older Americans, we typically have some consumer debt, i.e. car loans, credit card debt, and home equity line of credit.

One of the best ways to cover these costs is with a Final Expense Whole Life Insurance policy. These policies are written with seniors in mind. They typically have very simplified underwriting that does not even require a physical. Policies can be issued in days ensuring that you have coverage without delay. Whole Life policies provide coverage that is GUARANTEED never to decrease, and premiums that are GUARANTEED never to increase.

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Elderly couple signing paperwork