Frequently Asked Questions

You say I don’t have to pay for your services, how do you earn your income?

We are not paid by our clients. As an agency we hold contracts with the different companies that provide insurance across the states, and they provide us with a commission for each plan that we sell on their behalf. Since we contract with almost all of the companies in Idaho and beyond, we can sell you whichever plan fits you best and still receive compensation. You never have to pay extra for using our services, so you receive extra care for free!

What is the benefit of using a brokerage over going directly to an insurance company?

Being a brokerage means that we can look at all of the plans available to you and share with you all of your options. An insurance company would only be able to share the options that are provided by that company. When you work with our brokerage, we do the analysis with you and help you narrow down what options might fit your needs best across all of the companies.

What exactly will you do for me after I’ve already signed up for a plan?

After you’ve signed up for a plan, we will send you reminders of important events (i.e. Annual Enrollment Periods, Special Enrollment Periods) that may affect your plan coverage or allow you to find a better option. Insurance is a constantly changing market, and we keep track of those changes and will notify you of when something needs to be done so that you don’t have to worry. We also will keep an eye on rates and can contact you to see if you want to change to a lower rate when it is available.

I’ve moved to a different state, will you be able to help me find a new plan in my area?

Most often yes. We have license to sell in many of the states across the U.S. Check with us to let us know your new address or where you plan to move and we can talk to you about options. Some plans are not available outside of specific counties, so you'll always want to check.

I don’t live near one of your offices, but I prefer a face-to-face appointment. What can I do?

We travel all around the state and beyond to visit with our clients on a regular basis. If you would like to have one of our agents come to visit with you, give us a call! We will be able to set up a time to visit with you where you are and answer your questions.

I have a car and a home that I would like to insure through Tweedy Insurance Group. Do you have those types of plans?

At this point we do not have property and casualty insurance. We often recommend a brokerage that focuses on that market, for contact details give us a call.