Medicare Part B - Outpatient Medical

Medicare Part B provides coverage for most outpatient services.  For example, doctor visits, preventive services, lab and x-ray, emergency transportation, and outpatient surgery are all covered under the Part B benefit.  A general rule of thumb is: If you're not in a hospital or facility overnight, then it's a Part B service. 

Since Part B is a insurance coverage (albeit a social insurance coverage), it has a premium associated with it.  The Part B premium will vary depending on your adjusted gross income.  Click here to see a chart with detailed information.

Like all parts of Medicare, Part B does not cover these services completely.  There are three Part B liabilities that Medicare expects you to help cover.

  • Part B Deductible

  • Coinsurance

  • Excess Charges

For a more detailed explanation of what these charges entail, click here

Now, if you're reading this and are beginning to get a little nervous about paying for all these charges, take heart!  Private insurance is to the rescue.  A Medicare Supplement policy, or Medigap policy, can fill all of these liabilities for you.  Click here to learn more.